The 1900s at Ft. Huachuca

 Capt. Charles Young was with them when they were in the Philippines. Later he joined the 10th.

1933 - Assigned to 3rd Cavalry division

1940 - Assigned to 2nd Cavalry division

1944 - Inactivated in March in North Africa

1950 - Re-designated as 509th Tank Battalion in October activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana by November

1956 - Inactivated at Fort Knox, Kentucky in April

1957 - Reorganized and redesignated in December as 9th Cavalry, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System.

Its Squadrons were:

  • First Squadron (1st Cavalry Division)
  • Second Squadron (24th Infantry Division)
  • Troop C (157th Infantry Brigade)
  • Fourth Squadron (6th Infantry Division)
  • Troop E (Non Divisional)

This group had a variety of experiences that ranged from duty in the desert of Arizona to the Spanish-American war, in the Philippines to later encounters in World War II, the Korean war and Vietnam. Numerous decorations were awarded this group.*

*Mary L. Stubbs and S.R.Conner. Armor-Cavalry part I: Regular Army and Army reserve. (Washington D.C.: Office of the chief of Military History, U.S. Army, 1969), PP. 191-201.