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Request for your questions concerning the MVCOC bldg. 66050 (Read more about The Mountain View Officers Club) (CLICK HERE for more Articles and Resources)

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014 there was a open meeting for the public on Fort Huachuca in reference to the Environmental Assessment for determining the disposition of building 66050, MVCOC. The EA will be available at the Sierra Vista Public Library for 30 days. Comments must be postmarked or emailed to betty.m.phillips11.civ@mail.mil by August 12, 2014. (Comments should include certain information. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.)

At this meeting it was explained to us that they are requesting a response from you the public on what questions do we have on the in reference to cultural value of the MVCOC. 

Requesting for you to send any question that you have concerning the MVCOC. I’d be grateful for you to provide whatever details you feel is necessary to get your point across. Please don’t write anything that might compromise you or our organization (if applicable), although where clear evidence exists of significant negative history, especially of a serious nature, then we’d be grateful for such information.

Responses have to been in the president’s hands on the 11 August 2014, for submittal.

See the presentations slides above that the Government prepared for their assessment. Please read all of the slides. I would escalate a comment on each bullet point. Example – When is the building going to be on the national register? Suggest that everyone ask that question. The presentation slides will be made available for a 30-day public review at the Sierra vista Public Library.

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Buffalo Soldiers a Picture of America’s ‘Army Strong’

1977 Nation’s first monument to the Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Huachuca, Arizona was erected   Historical replica statues are given out to soldiers for awards (soldier of month and year) guest speakers receive the statue as honor from the past to the present As we go into the story of The Southwest Buffalo Soldiers you will find out that Fort Huachuca is  the home of Buffalo Soldiers.

SWABS is incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona. We are a non-profit 501©3 organization without capital stock.

All donations/pledges received by SWABS are tax deductible. Our logo is a representation of the Buffalo Soldier statue located at the “Buffalo Soldier Legacy Plaza”, Fort Huachuca, Arizona.